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Boronka's Knowledge Base in Western China (i.e. Qingpu District of Shanghai)

Why I call it Western China? Well, the Qingpu district is part of Shanghai for sure. But it is far from the city center. If you want to go to, let's say, People's Square by public transportation, it takes around 90 minutes. It would be faster by taxi, of course. But actually, taxis are also very rather in this area...

Interesting Places

Reachable by car


Sausages and Ham

Public Transportation

How to reach LeChambord by public transportation

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  1. Take Subway Line 2 and get of the terminal station: East Xujing
  2. Go to Exit No. 9
  3. Take bus No. 4 (which leaves at stage 8)
  4. Stay on the bus for several stations and get off at Lian Min Lu Ye Lian Lu (Hao Du)